139FIRE | Mobile ARFF Live Fire Drill Solutions

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139FIRE | Innovative ARFF Live-Fire Drill Solutions

Welcome to 139FIRE

139Fire offers innovative new training solutions for conducting FAA Part 139 Live-Fire Drills – in the convenience of YOUR OWN location!

At 139Fire we supplement your existing training capabilities with an FAA compliant Live Fire Trainer delivered directly to your airport!


Once the Live Fire Trainer is delivered to your facility we demonstrate the use and operation to your staff. The Live Fire Trainer can then be used to conduct Live-Fire Drills for days, weeks or months to fit your training schedule and to ensure that all ARFF personnel are compliant to FAA requirements.

Each of our Live Fire Trainers is designed to provide intense and realistic firefighting conditions, with robust and operator-friendly controls. Our fleet of Live Fire Trainers allow for ARFF Index and airframe specific training and allow for the training to be varied from year-to-year.

139FIRE | ARFF Mobile Life Fire Drill Solutions


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Phone: (913) 912-3960
Email: Info@139FIRE.com

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139FIRE | Specific Training

With our fleet of Live Fire Trainers you can conduct your Live-Fire Drill on a Trainer that is similar to the aircraft that you protect. If you are an Index A/B airport, you do not have to train on a large frame aircraft trainer typically found at a regional training facility. If you are an index C/D/E airport, we offer mobile Live Fire Trainers that simulate aircraft fires on large frame aircraft, you no longer have to train on small regional type aircraft typically provided by other mobile fire training programs.

139FIRE | Specific Training

Our program allows for you to change the Live Fire Trainer from one year to the next. Train on a 737 engine and wheel fire this year, a 2,500 ft2 fuel spill next year and a UH-1 helicopter the year after that. This unique feature of our program will ensure that your ARFF personnel are engaged and challenged year after year.

139FIRE | Train using your own equipment

Because we deliver our Live Fire Trainers to your airport, you can train your personnel using your existing equipment. This ensures that your ARFF personnel gain experience in live fire conditions using the equipment they will use in a real world situation. When training at regional training facilities the equipment used (from vehicles to agent to PPE) is often vastly different to the equipment at your airport and the practical training value is diminished.

139FIRE | Ability to Conduct Multiple Live Fire Drills

Our program allows you to keep the Live Fire Trainers on site for multiple weeks and allows all ARFF personnel to participate in numerous Live Fire Drills. When training in a one-day class at a regional training facility the number of scenarios that can take place is limited (sometimes less than 4 hours) and if the class is large, ARFF personnel may only participate in a single Live Fire Drill. Other mobile programs are cost prohibitive to keep on site for more than a day or two. Our program allows you to ensure that all ARFF personnel can participate in numerous Live Fire Drills in multiple roles and thereby enhance their readiness.

139FIRE | Train with Intense & Challenging Fires

Each of our Live Fire Trainers are designed to provide intense and challenging Live Fire Drills. By focusing each Live Fire Trainer on a particular incident and related section of aircraft we are able to substantially increase the intensity of the fire and thereby make it challenging even for seasoned ARFF personnel. Other mobile programs combine 10 or more scenarios into a single unit and by doing so the intensity of the fires are limited.

139FIRE | Reduce Overal Training Costs

By conducting your Live Fire Drill at your airport, you are able to avoid the costly expense of sending your ARFF personnel to a regional training facility (including travel costs, travel time, fees from the regional training facility) as well as limit or avoid any overtime costs of training during off-duty time or backfilling of ARFF personnel. Our program offers further cost savings by allowing your existing training personnel to conduct the Live Fire Drills and does not require our personnel to remain on-site.